Psychological Thriller Sci-Fi Game Composer


Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. After studied bass performance at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, he met his mentor/music editor Tom Villano(Breaking Bad, RobotCop 3), who convinced him to pursue the career in film music, also recommended him to study the master degree major in Film Music Composition at UNC School of the Arts. In this period, he participated over 14 films as a composer, music editor, recording bass player and sound editor. His score for the animation Serpendipity got over 3 millions views on Youtube, also won an Award of Excellent in Music from Southern Shorts Festival. 

After Graduate from UNCSA, he got invited back to his hometown, Taipei, to work as a TV composer. Got over 10 TV series credits in a year. In the meantime, he got invited by a New York based music library Rhythm Couture to be their contracted composer. Now beside his TV show works, he also score for video games, his clients are from all over the world including England, Morocco, United States and Taiwan.

Because of his experience from Classical piano, Heavy metal band, Jazz band, Indie/pop rock band. His spectrum of writing style is extremely wide. But Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi music is his favorite writing style.


  • Second Life (Fashion Commercial) (Composer)

  • ViewSonic 2022 (Commercial) (composer)

  • 一百年後的我,你好嗎?(Hello to Me in 100 Years) (composer) *TICFF Special Film

  • 正義的算法(Small & Mighty) (composer) *Disney+ Series

  • 愛情發生在三天後(No Regrets In Life) (composer) *Netflix Series

  • 親愛的亞當(Dear Adam) (composer)

  • 誰在你身邊(Who's By Your Side) (composer) *HBO Series

  • 我的阿婆是一顆蛋(My Grandma Is An Egg) (Title Music Composer) *Hotdocs selected

  • Restart Zero (Video Game-In production) (Composer)

  • Neon Blood (Video Game-In production) (Blind City Music Composer)

  • Blade of Light (Mobile Game-on iOS) (Composer)

  • Affectus (Video Game-In production) (Trailer Theme Music Composer)

  • The Mourning Star (Mobile Game-In production) (Composer)

  • Hidden Protector: Roadtrip (Video Game) (composer)

  • 王牌辯護人(Wacko At Law) (composer)

  • 想見你(Someday or One Day) (composer)

  • 若是一個人(I, Myself) (composer)

  • 南十字星浪漫筆記(You Can't Catch Me) (composer)

  • 萌醫甜妻(Dr. Cute) (composer)

  • 守著陽光守著你(Wait For The Sun Wait For You) (composer)

  • 覆活(Amensalism) (composer)

  • Warrior princess (composer)

  • Serpendipity (composer) *Southern Shorts Festival Award of Excellence in Music

  • Plagued doctor (composer)

  • Painted love (music editor)

  • 愛的3.14159 (composer)

  • Asphalt saints (composer)

  • Skin of the father (music editor)

  • Intensive Arts (composer)

  • Roaches to the rescue (recording bass player)

  • Impact (composer)

  • Without gravity, chocolate floats (sound designer)

  • Wounded Bird (sound editor/sound designer)

  • Fast girl (dialogue editor/ADR)

  • The Witness (dialogue editor)